Established in 1995, Gayatri Control and Automation Private Limited (GCAPL) has in span of just 15 years taken giant strides and carved a unique niche for itself as a leader in the world of Control Panels. An ISO 9001:2008 company since 2003, GCAPL’s name is today a recognised and very well established name known in the Automation Industry for its top end quality Control Panels -- custom made as per the requirements and specification of different customers. Thanks to the approach of providing consistent, accurate and quality products...
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Servo Drives & Motors > Lexium 23
Two high-performance servo drives
» Covering a power range from 100W to 7.5 kW
» Lexium 23 A with CANopen & CANmotion fieldbus interface
» Lexium 23 D with digital input-output interface
» Choose between commissioning using Lexium 23 CT software or embedded     HMI - both allow a fast set-up of all functions
» Optimised motor drive bundles simplify the product selection
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Servo Drives & Motors > Lexium 32
Soft starters for pumps and fans 4 kW to 400 kW - Altistart 22 - ATS 22
» Three book-size servo drive models and two servo motor families plus a full    range of intelligent options
» Lexium 32 simplifies all aspects in the machine lifecycle from engineering to     maintenance
» A speed bandwidth of 1,600 Hz provides outstanding response
» With a power density of 548 W/l Lexium 32 packs maximum power into     minimum volume
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Servo Drives & Motors > Lexium 15
Solutions suited to your needs!
» A wide power range : from 0,9 kW to 42,5 kW, 1-phase or 3-phase
» 2 motor families to cover all applications and mounting types from 0,18 to
   90 Nm
» A dynamic combination : new slient pole winding technology, fast control    loop response time...
» Everything integrated: EMC, CANopen...
» Safety integrated : Power Removal...
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